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  1. Hello old friends

    I know what you meant. I always called it the 'eat trick'. They patched it before I stopped playing 
  2. MAGfest

    Is anyone here familiar with or planning to attend MAGfest this coming January?
  3. Hello old friends

    I couldn’t help myself... I bought a phat set, mask set, and Santa hat just to have and pretend like I’m rich 😛   I only have a 500k bank right now (gifted by my coworker) so I’ll be slowly skilling for cash and training up a new 40 attack f2p pure. My private chat will stay on so to anyone out there who may occasionally still play and want to talk or reminisce, please add me.    Username is ‘Scribbb’
  4. Hello old friends

     I added you. Looks like I’m starting from scratch so it’ll take me a while to get going or I might just lose interest. It seems like much has changed. I’m level 6 and looting in w308 edgeville and I just picked up a red partyhat. Are they not valuable any more?
  5. Hello old friends

    Well I’ve been trying to log in to Scribbbs without any luck... any idea how to proceed? I’ve been trying to log in to oldschool, is it possible that Scribbbs is stuck on rs3? Forgive me, it’s been a long time and I was never very tech savvy to begin with     edit: So I got on scribbbs but I must have let someone else use it back when I quit. I know I gave some accounts away. I just managed to log in and the bank is cleaned out of valuables... but there is a fire cape which I know I never got   also it has a permanent mute 🤐 
  6. Hello old friends

    I've been getting pretty nostalgic looking at my oldschool gallery and videos... I was thinking more like edgeville and castle. Is oldschool any good? Also what are "pid switches"? I don't think I'm familiar with the term.    Does anyone on here go pking?
  7. Hello old friends

    Hi guys. whats good in the world of f2p pking?  I started a new job a few months ago and one of my coworkers actively plays rs, has been asking me for advice on pking. Legit got me somewhat interested again but I'm really debating if I want to invest any time. I don't even have a computer anymore, but this guy says you can AFK on rs mobile pretty easily Also, not that it matters much but it would be cool to have old school access again on here 😛
  8. Need Help

    I don't want to start playing again, but I work with a guy who does.... you know what I mean?
  9. Need Help

  10. Need Help

    Trying to recover my old account but my old hotmail address won't recieve the recovery email. Anyone know how to help?
  11. Hitchhiking

    It's hard to hitchhike, especially in the U.S. because of the laws against it. You could try and use social media to get rides. Facebook friends who live out of state who may be traveling, students driving home from school, or just check/post on craigslist. You could still probably get away with actual hitchhiking, some people will still pick you up, but it's far less reliable
  12. I Want To Backpack/travel

    I don't know how often you've been camping before, but you're going to want to sleep indoors on occasion so you can clean yourself up.
  13. Coming 3 Months

    Travel, or work
  14. The **** Is Wrong With These Soldiers

    They secretly concocted this idea to get that girl jammed in there with 10 guys playing the game "whose hand is that?"
  15. Technology Improving Our Lives For The Better

    yeah no cost... except routine maintenance, accidents and other damage expenses (lawyers etc), insurance fees, storage space, pilots/video monitors.... that's just off the top of my head, not to mention the delivery drivers are f****d out of work I guess that's the society we live in though, convenience valued above all else. If someone had told me 5 years ago that we'll be delivering pizza via helicopter in the near future, I would have laughed in their face. Nowadays, it's par for the course