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  1.       this is where im at      

    excellent, just what this board needs
  3. vegan who can lift 5x ur bodyweight lil skinny ass estonian potato picker #quinoa-gainz
  4. ^how i looked 30kg's heavier as a meat eater, i was probably a month off having a stroke right thur worst part is i put it on MM's miniwar channel i forgot password to so i can never delete 
  5. lulz eating genetically modified soy fed antibiotically farmed meat is alfa? maybe if u hunt it wild it could be and also moderately healthy even
  6. i could probably write a cooking book with all my vegan recipes i cook everyday
  7. 'murica

    murica  http://youtu.be/QZ_a8VXhiSc
  8. watch this burgers

    Lets just pray to lord mahatma trump wins, and he makes the usd currency and economy strong again so more american whales come in poker with their extra money and i can take their extra dollars of them
  9. Caught 'em all

    I was there in suomenlinna on sunday at the event, it was my 2nd time there we found nothing cool, the first time i went was just at a random time on a weekday and as soon as i got there vaporeon, walked around a bit exxegutor cp1700 then weezing, but this time we just found some magnetons lul
  10. lol @ i mathman i
  11. i just watchd movie about Ramanujan
  12. Caught 'em all

    same taking my time xd
  13. Ice Poseidon

    i was #1 staker at one point, and still am one of the greatest of all time i started staking again a week ago and im up 2bill  would be more if i had more accs to stake on all u inactive scrubs should give me ur scrub accounts to make bank with