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  1. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

      Nah, and i won 30k$ on friday at casino xD 3rd place in a huge tournament
  2. Well Arent You Glad You Didnt Invest In Bitcoins

    My brother flipped counterstrike skins few years back for 100k$ got bored and cashed out all to bitcoin at 300$ each. hes now multi millionaire GG
  3. slabby k0ed in c engineer vid

    actually koed, died with a bunch of brews left
  4. Ummm probably saved up some money, moved out of his moms basement, is b*****g chicks, living in probably not the best neighborhood to save some krones on the rent so hes dealing with multiculturalism on the daily, hes anger is slowly rising, his viking blood is starting to boil, and eventually it is going to boil over and he will emerge as the viking war lord he was destined to be and slay every last fake war refugee that is trying to pillage sweden and r**e their women and f**k mother sweden in the ***
  5. $157,485.71

  6. Support -> Your Account -> Account Bans

    I couldnt get unbanned on any acc tried to unbann like 20, all are banned for botting major, rwt or bug abuse major actually got a few more accs banned lately tried botting recently and got banned on all quite fast :( aint nobody got time to train manually in 2017 just let me get to the fun part of the game ffs, i miss the days where u were allowed to do 100% anything you wanted, bot, rwt 0% chance of bann no matter what you did, players ran the game and were the boss of gielonor
  7. opened the clan with volcanic fox wut? even i was in the clan before volcanic. Volcanic is just famous for being first pure fully maxed with 99 attack, mahatma was active and pking with MM untill we closed.
  8. That's not a pizza half, it wasn't even a quarter ...???
  9. Dont go out solo girls will think ur a creep, just hop on tinder and find girls to fck, and maybe 1 will stick around. Atleast it worked for me i wasnt really desperate i never messaged a girl first, i just spammed right untill bitcches talked to me and then i responded, and usually on friday and saturday evenings/nights i got a ton of messages, and i said they can come my place if their not drunk(just to not look like im tryna take advantage of drunk girls but i dont rly care if they were drunk or not lul) i was always sober though i didnt drink at all at that time. My tinder success rate was like 4/5 when i actually went and met the girls usually i was too pussi but sometimes i was just too horny and just was like fk it and went. 2 times i got sex right away im talking under 30mins of meeting these girls lol sloots(my record time of being inside a girl after meeting them was like 10mins, she was partying in a bar down the block of my flat we had talked casually the week before, she msged me on a monday night we set up a meeting point wich was like 50 meters from my flat i went and met her introduced myself i said ok wanna go with me? and we went to my place and i fuccked her brains out we fell asleep and she just left in the morning and we never talked again, 1 of them was too scared to come with me and i can see why my hair was long as fk i had a huge beard and looked a bit crazy/homeless at the time, i could tell she wanted to come but she was too scared lol and i couldnt convince her so i said fk it lata 30mins later shes messaging me to come back to talk to her more i didnt go(was a bit spoiled at this point and offended, cuz the 2 previous ones had fuccked right away). Then next 1 of them i had as fckbuddy for like 3 months of sex once-twice per week this is what i was looking for mainly fck the hassle of 1 night things even if its easy, first night the sex was good and the 3rd time we met we just agreed we wont fck other people for the time being and if we do we have to tell the other just so we can do sh1t without c0nd0m....  i could do to her whatever i wanted and whenever i wanted her i said come over for the night but then she started getting annoying and looking for relationship and she wasnt that hot imo for that, and the 5th one ive been with for over a year now spanish girl working in finland and she is now living with me.
  10. Animal/ Pet Thread

    my cat is da boSS and he has epic staredowns with the neighbour cat in our inner ward
  11. waddap from tha taj

    climbing mountain in munnar   canoeing in aleppey south india best meal(sick of rice at this point so we just eat sauce+bread)     sick trip, seen the south, the dessert, and north 2-3 days per city and move so saw alot of the country (Y)  
  12. Support -> Your Account -> Account Bans

    i sent appeals on like 8 accounts,do they reply to the emails if it works or gets denied? if i can unlock any of these badboys they should all have atleast 1000$+  each :D
  13. waddap from tha taj

    7 wonders of the world but goddam ur country is filthy parm clean up ur act son (good food though)       purple:wave:For My Lord And My God