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  1. For My Lord And My God Mahatma!

    Parm where u at, im gonna come explore india for a month soon, u have a curry ready for me when i come visit ?
  2. IM READY My tiger is also ready for war.
  3. new client is more cancer than eoc, l2legacy
  4. Jungling is almost completely strategic hardly any mechanics involved, i jungle or dodge, i enjoy the chess match against enemy jungler instead of trying to outskill someone 1vs1 in lane
  5. lulz my gf plays thats, its fun for like 5mins, i prefer strategy games than trying to be the fastest mouseclicker
  6. ofc im the fiddle god, hardstuck d5 for 3 seasons tho lul
  7. lmk when u get harambe
  8. wtf is this :DD

  9. Guess who

    Never better mate, thx for askin
  10. why is there a bunch of brown skinned bearded guys living in tents down the street from my house screaming in arabic at people????? i don't really read the news, should i call the police that they are disturbing my cat? i'm from Finland btw from the capital and live in the center. Has america been nuking countries again? i though that was just obama doing that, i thought Trump was more reasonable. I know heres alotof americans here so lmk pls
  11. ur welcome s0ns

    well done lol
  12.       this is where im at      

    excellent, just what this board needs
  14. vegan who can lift 5x ur bodyweight lil skinny ass estonian potato picker #quinoa-gainz