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  1. too good

    i started playing a week ago f*****s and already 2 solo win, with my brother duo we win every game tho
  2. too good

    2nd one today any1 play this?
  3. Happy 420 V2

    It's 20.4 ........
  4. Hi

  5. Its not rip i found it later in one of them old internet photo folders where i recovered my password and somehow sig was there along with a bunch of other old af pics, its the sig im using
  6. is pretty epic movie 5/5 from me , although it has trash reviews and even in the movie theater some obnoxious fat english speaking guys next to me with remarks like "jesus christ this is garbage" and "i cant believe steven spielberg directed this crap" during the whole film and other r******d remarks. Its a cool movie dont listen to the haters
  7. ----

  8. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

      Nah, and i won 30k$ on friday at casino xD 3rd place in a huge tournament
  9. Well Arent You Glad You Didnt Invest In Bitcoins

    My brother flipped counterstrike skins few years back for 100k$ got bored and cashed out all to bitcoin at 300$ each. hes now multi millionaire GG
  10. slabby k0ed in c engineer vid

    actually koed, died with a bunch of brews left
  11. Ummm probably saved up some money, moved out of his moms basement, is b*****g chicks, living in probably not the best neighborhood to save some krones on the rent so hes dealing with multiculturalism on the daily, hes anger is slowly rising, his viking blood is starting to boil, and eventually it is going to boil over and he will emerge as the viking war lord he was destined to be and slay every last fake war refugee that is trying to pillage sweden and r**e their women and f**k mother sweden in the ***
  12. $157,485.71

  13. Support -> Your Account -> Account Bans

    I couldnt get unbanned on any acc tried to unbann like 20, all are banned for botting major, rwt or bug abuse major actually got a few more accs banned lately tried botting recently and got banned on all quite fast :( aint nobody got time to train manually in 2017 just let me get to the fun part of the game ffs, i miss the days where u were allowed to do 100% anything you wanted, bot, rwt 0% chance of bann no matter what you did, players ran the game and were the boss of gielonor