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  1. you were my favorite :(

  2. National Nurses Week

    I'm going to be a nurse. Haha.
  3. Fore Killing It On The Mic

    Wtf....? Was that a motivational/pump up speech? Are you serious?
  4. Hi

    I would if I could. Haha. Nice to see you back though :)
  5. Male Contraceptive Pill

    "The testes of mice taking the drug began to shrink" Hell no. The way that female contraceptive pills work are probably the best we're going to have for a while. Simple action, easy schedule as far as taking the medications, and really not a whole lot of negative side effects (and some positive ones- More balances cycles, less mood swings/PMS for some women) Also, even as a very conservative Orthodox Christian, the church mixing with politics is a bad idea. Too many Christians want to basically create a theocracy in the United States. The Church isn't supposed to be a policy-making body, and frankly politicians take advantage of religious affiliations during elections, and then just go on to do whatever they want once they hit office.
  6. I don't think the publishers have a digital copy for download. So unless someone scanned it on their own...?
  7. Lemme Throw My Chair At You.

    Yeahhhh.. He was already getting maced, and there were three cops. I feel like the one guy might've just had a lazy streak. "Meh. I'll just shoot him. Less work, and I just got my uniform pressed."
  8. The Best Closure

    Lol @ the people saying "Your only serious relationship//you only wanted sex." A serious relationship and being physically close aren't 2 separate things Glad you got your closure. Cold turkey is really rough.
  9. To Cool

    Last year of college starts tomorrow. :( and :)
  10. What Job Do You Want?

    (CRNA) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Basically I get to put people to sleep before surgery/wake them up later.
  11. Sup Bitches.

    You should be thankful that dirty little Paco smiley is still here. Haha. How have you been?
  12. I quit right when GE was coming out, and before any of the trade limit stuff, so I have no idea what that was like. I could see how it could be good, but also how it could p**s off a lot of people. How/why has completely free trade ruined stuff? Because it seemed like when I left/early GE, things were good? And it was free trade then... :(
  13. This. Andddd if you find a way to put it into money terms (which they hopefully understand) and they realize how unprofitable this could be, they might hurry up and fix it. In two years.
  14. Do You Keep Ur Doors Locked?

    Sounds like an epic dad. Haha.