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  1. Ok You Guys All Suck Faggots

    yop i just came back from clubbin and u guys are all jus fags srsly what inotice all mm community does is be a ******** towards ppl who have talwent n s**t. u guys are all just jealous because some ppl do s**t with tier lives instead of playing runescape all dayu. like my metal lyrics, u guys are all douches about it, and when some1 intorduces themselves u guys think this is 4chan. well srsly, get over yourself.... honestly, i think alot of mm members and alliance agree with me. just be normal, being a douche on the intenrt is not cool srsly..... dont be an intenret tough guy there r some ppl who r cool, but most of you r so dramitised. im going to bed, sorry for the spelling mistakes. nin
  2. You dig up a corpse with no remorse you eat their flesh maggots devouring everything eated eated eated by the graverobber the coffin offers no protection against the all consuming takers of your flesh and bone the stench of rot and putrification infest your nostrels eated eated eated by the graverobber the container of your soul is being devoured by stomach acid the way you return to the ground is in fecies you're consumed by a maniac eated by a graverobber