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  1. Hey

    this isnt burrito town
  2. Strength Wars

      That literally looks like someone turned the joke about skipping leg day into a person
  3.         Choked 3 times first even though I did 3 kiln capes back on darkscape
  4. its already been 10 years since that   man
  5. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    chinese bootleg SAO is actually really good
  6. Ok

    im 7 hp levels and 9 str away from being you
  7. Please buy me a rope

    are you gonna link the video or
  8. Why does the name Caws ring a bell

    misfits now evidently
  9. rekims

    >actually replying to people saying no smite   (I'm a hypocrit because I waste time telling people who dont skull they can f**k right off) I guess u could say piano tune got his bowels voided
  10. Why does the name Caws ring a bell

    is it actually lmfao   he started barraging my sand crabs trying to recruit me to some dumpster clan
  11. Blackman at ladies night

    gets shot by police during attempted robbery being prosecuted for rape allegedly tried to leverage his oppressed status for free drinks claims "ladies get in free" should apply to 10 inch black d**ks too     oh I thought this was a writing prompt sorry
  12. My Winter Storm

    I remember that lol