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  1. idk what the title is

    it's gone man, f**k member number f**k it all, just remember the good times this forum had, when that "girl" came out as a guy n s**t, that elder scamming that guy (cabbagepatchk1d?) for a green phat and everyone phoning his work ordering pizzas n s**t. yeah time moves on, i got 18k posts on the first forum and this site was my life, its just weird seeing it now thats all, matt mage selling loar remains and making like 500m off it but acting as if it was some massive top secret money making method, de_pk's private server haha, good times. i just came to see if it was still online...barely. ah well...
  2. idk what the title is

    i see member number is no longer a thing too, back in the old days member number meant everything, its weird seeing a forum i spent so much time on crumble to nothing, and the last time i visited mm as u can see in my sig, time didnt matter...its just a weird feeling, i spent so much time here and its dead
  3. idk what the title is

    ~Hmong_Wcer ~1337bang   i just like to come back here a decade later and throw old s**t around mm drop dds and gavin ownz u nut beans is anyone still here, soz if wrong section lol  edit : wow 8 members online?? what the f**k this forum really dropped off :\, nothing lasts forever i guess :(
  4. It's Official Uk Mates

    so youre organising the meetup ok
  5. It's Official Uk Mates

    are you part of the meetup too
  6. It's Official Uk Mates

    are u saying u wanna meet up with him irl cos u have no friends?
  7. Mm Stealing "arooo"?

    mm and foe and mains in
  8. It's Official Uk Mates

  9. Bro Tip

    yeah cos thats not the gayest thing ever
  10. so u bought an acc and ur complaining cos it got recovered? is this 2005
  11. so ragger is the 2013 word used for a 1 itemer or what
  12. Mm Drop Dds And Gavin Ownz U Nut Beans

    well i guess thats that then
  13. wtf is this rly how dead these forums are now?? todays top poster has 17 posts....rly? ~Hmong_Wcer