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  1. Logo/banner Etc.

    Offer still stands.
  2. Hollandse Hoeren

    Fk came here for t**s..
  3. Logo/banner Etc.

    Hey bradley :D Ben laatst bedrijfje begonnen in grafisch ontwerp.. Hier een deeltje van mn portfolio: http://www.facebook.com/micgraphicdesign Als je het wat vind pm me dan dan kunnen we misschien tot een overeen komst komen :)
  4. 109

    loooool ur still playing
  5. Meh

    nice pray 0.0
  6. #1 Shit Main - Dawning Of A New Era

    u kinda know what youre doing :o It actually looks like fun in this way
  7. Update In 1 Hour.

    made a kill at 0:03 :D oh fk i login in the middle of wildy skulled with claws and wizboots is that good ?
  8. Last Day Of Teh Scape

    nah ima pk with them+wiz boots ive got from last sunday :D 11 pray fk yeah
  9. Last Day Of Teh Scape

    Finally got one of these :D Jizzed so hard in my panths that i was too late to take a pic of killmessage.
  10. Evolution Of Combat - Mage Pking - Termlnate

    i dont even understand this game.. u sure this is runescape?
  11. Bank Was Made [ + History]

    and then u killed me u little s**t
  12. 13 Prayer Pure Pking - Knives/kbow/dds

    sry for killing u
  13. Help!

    trip is in six hours time to level: 5 hours 50 minutes :P got dt btw
  14. Help!

    5 hours 27 mins -.-