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Ross P2P

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  1. Any old school MM still play?

    hi if ur the real jz
  2. we love u etcho

    1. Jamez


      ily Ross

  3. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    who the f**k added my smurf, account under the name 'makers of mayhem' reveal urself
  4. Didn't get my first pick, but I like it sonnies

    I now own 'Mayhem Maker' and 'MayhemMakers'
  5. Run escape

    you wanna quest for me? pay well dont check forums much, hit me up on twitter if u wanna @rosstaylorx 
  6. This some weak *** s**t drama (yes i'm late). I'm almost certain meme has nothing to do with this or even speaks to theo lol, i agree ban theo but what use is this the forums are ded. Whats all this beef with Jax lol? P.S don't reply Asian kid you're a moron i won't read even if you did reply.
  7. Jax is famous now

    every post you make makes me dislike you more and more
  8. Notable MM ranks and members?

    Whats the point in adding some newer ranks and not all?  Missing:  Care Teddy/ Frozen Flame (don't know the numbers/where) Aerdo Zyox United Acused/Felix Amused
  9. Updated MM memberlist ~ 8/2/16

    both pretty r******d, but you're the less r******d one.    
  10. Hi

  11. ded

    p***y 1v1 quik sk90pe me
  12. any1 still play add me~~~~~~ lvl 104

    ye man lol im 2 busy on dmm pking people for dhide sets and wasting my time xD smiley face lol :-)
  13. http://imgur.com/abNAt0z p.s whats up with ts?