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  1. Check your inbox.

  2. Drunk Stories

    I don't remember...
  3. [Official] Dota2

    Classy way for first blood... http://videobam.com/nYZGL
  4. Mm Dayz Server

    Not yet online as official server, will set up official server when I have more time.
  5. Mm Dayz Server

    No I set it up on MM server. I had today first laggfree DayZ experience.
  6. Mm Dayz Server

    mm-rs.org:2302 or If I get instance ID then it goes offical.
  7. Dayz

    Server also affects FPS... so if you play on s**t server you will have s**t FPS.
  8. Dayz

    Funny coz my FPS is always like 34, Doesnt matter if I am max settings or lowest.
  9. Dayz

    Green Mountain trip anyone?
  10. [Official] Dota2

    I have 12 or something if anyone wants.....
  11. [Dayz]Your Top 3 Favorite Guns!

    Got M4A3 CCO atm (inb4 I die to bug or hacker) Mine: PDW as sidearm M4A3 CCO as main MP5SD6
  12. Mm Trip In Cherno Part 3

    Trying to get to base (I have no idea where it is), I am near Solnichniy.
  13. Mm Trip In Cherno Part 3

    1. Spawn 2. Gear up 2. Die to hacker or by bug 3. Go back to 1.
  14. Mm Trip In Cherno Part 3

    Funny how people in FPS games wants Zombie mod and when they get zombie mod they want to kill other peoples insted.
  15. Mm Trip In Cherno Part 2

    f**k crashed my car....