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  1. Finally...I have achieved the stats I wanted.

    I'll add once I'm logged in, lol. I actually haven't logged in since I hit 99 def a week ago May be another week or 2 before I actually want to play again. I'm just so burned out My RSN is 'Anaestheticz'
  2. Finally...I have achieved the stats I wanted.

    I actually don't know what boss pets are :3 Time to google!
  3. Finally...I have achieved the stats I wanted.

    I just knew someone was going to say something about that, lol. Damn it, now I can't be at peace and have to grind this s**t out...ugh. (I know I could get 75 atk 75 str and still be range/mage based...but those numbers actually look ugly)
  4. Yea, not sure exactly why I even decided to start playing this game again, but...I did and got the stats I wanted. ...now, I am at peace and can quit the game.
  5. Sup.

    I try not to break tradition if I can help it.
  6. Sup.

    Sup. Especially to all the old homies. Hope you're all doing great in life. Miss this part of my life.  Ok, bye.  
  7. /shrug   Sometimes I wonder what everyone else is doing nowadays. I randomly visit the MM forums like once or twice a year just for shits and giggles.  
  8. yo

    Sup, fam
  9. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    The f**k is dmm? Don't feel like looking it up.
  10. f**king Ruined

  11. Def Resets Coming To Rs3

    If a pure were to roll back stats at all, how important is Summoning? What are the benefits of Summoning?
  12. Def Resets Coming To Rs3

    What is the current combat formula?
  13. Are Pures A Thing Again?

    Hey Derek, I'll hit you up eventually. Not going to join the RS scene just yet. Going to hope for the roll backs on stats on RS3 and hope they change defense requirements on gear as well as remove the HP that armor gives you.
  14. Are Pures A Thing Again?

    Everyone is saying that it's bad, but not giving much many reasons as to why it's bad.
  15. Are Pures A Thing Again?

    Once again, I'm solo. MM being a thing doesn't affect me.