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  1. Who still plays?

    I still play. I've been  main since osrs. rsn is FloobyNooby
  2. Oh hey, I never saw that you messaged me! I am on all day but I am afk fishing on mobile 99% of the time and s******g the s**t in the reddit cc 1% of the time f****n GOT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM. Your account is s**y! I want to get back into pking eventually. I have just been maining it up with diary cape as my long term goal. lol fk and sxy are still censored on this forum but not on runescape. also shooting wot
  3. I miss u guys

    what are yall boys up to these days?
  4. time is an illusion. clearly. its 2018 and im checking mm forums. feels good man lol
  5. Throwback thursday to when this video got posted

    4 hours of sleep. some of you are spoiled. BOTTOM LINE. you gotta want it bad enough to stay up for THREE DAYS. like BEYONCE. jk my life has actually been transformed all over again after watching that.  absolute unit
  6. Yeah I thought it would be funny because that was a year ago, but.. but it wasnt
  7. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Oh absolutely. I wouldnt have it any other way. I still have his direct emergency line for just this sort of occasion
  8. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Ah, yes yes, thank you, good sir. Funnily enough, it has just now occurred to me how much more agreeable you Kiwis are compared to those English types that lurk around here. Pip pip cheerio and all that. ANYWHO, back to business. Of course. I am pleased to hear of your inquiry. The gentleman you have mentioned is sounding to be of the upstanding variety. If you would be so kind, have your people contact my people. Surely, anyone with those qualifications is bound to be a valuable team player.
  9. wait wtf? therees no f*****g way. did they find out how he did it yet?
  10. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Alright chief, what's your big idea then? It's about time someone at least tries to be productive around here. If everyone quit jerking off to their anime for just 5 minutes we could actually have something here
  11. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Hey boys. Anyways, I have a big project planned out that's coming up on the horizon. What I'm proposing to do is write an erotic fan-fiction novel about Adam Sandler called Big Daddy. Thoughts? I'm mainly curious about what kind of percentage of the erotic Adam Sandler novel market share I can expect. I'm at a stage right now where I'm really just trying to get a general feel for where the public sentiment is at. Anywho, I look forward to hearing from y'all. This thing could be huge if I can get some help to really nail it down. I have to give up my son for adoption of this doesn't take off.
  12. cc

    is there an mm cc?? ive just been going to the reddit cc but it is bad and would rather chat with the big bois
  13. <b>Real Life Pictures</b>

    >MM 2017 >last several posts are ppl graduating college >posts pic of m*******a grow op lol no hate at all that just gave me a laff    
  14. The Start of Something New

    I have an acc thats 99 99 75 and 43 pray. Should I get 99 def? I was levelling a maxed acc to box stake. I havent pked in like 7 years. Is mb still a thing?...................... Is pking still a thing? What about staking?
  15. Yankin Deez