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  1. rs3 melee weapons

    This kinda qq got jagex to be idiotsafe first time round. Just deal with it
  2. Would You Bang?

  3. Why does an uninformed and misled public get to decide when the b***s are dropped?
  4. Does Anyone Here Live In London?

    OK great, i'm organising a 5 year working visa at the moment and hope to be over in mid August. I'm probably going to stay in eastern London (i don't know which suburb, but they're all quite cheap to rent) or southern London because when i visited last time it was beautiful down there. Anyone have any impressions on the graduate job market? I've spent a bit of time on websites and it looks very active which is promising.
  5. Does Anyone Here Live In London?

    Nah just looking for some advice on area's to live, where the best place to buy food, just trying to be savvy by talking to the people who know the city best.
  6. Planning on moving in a couple weeks for work, just wondering if i could pm you and maybe ask some questions :)
  7. [Official] Hearthstone Thread

    I still play. Use this site to help you build decks up, i'd suggest something like a mage or hunter to begin with because you can do budget decks. Unfortunately some of the heroes require a lot of legendary cards to be viable and it costs a lot to actually unlock them. http://www.hearthpwn.com/ Once you start playing you'll get an idea of how to substitute cards so you can make your own decks :).
  8. What Are You Listening To Atm?

    Sounds good MORBID
  9. I'm So Lonely

    To be honest loneliness isn't fixed by other people, it's a matter of perspective. I think you have to look within. It's foolish to think someone else is going to make you content if you aren't content yourself. Women are a great distraction but they come and go, you're left with the same feeling of loneliness and self loathing that you're pretty sure was there all along anyway and the isolation just makes it worse.
  10. La, Vegas Or San Francisco

    Doesn't even come close to all that s**t Mike and Silvercooney post
  11. I'm So Lonely

    FWIW Blackman, I don't know you but I feel the same right now. I think i have for a long time, it's hard to remember retrospectively.
  12. Work and through friends i suppose, pretty limiting when you frame it like you did in the other topic. When i was travelling a lot, just daily activities like going in walking groups or exploring a national park were also pretty good.
  13. I'm So Lonely

    I suppose it depends entirely on what you're looking for. I'm not going to lie, i do have some bias in that I would prefer a partner over random sex but i doubt i'd be in a majority on this forum.
  14. I'm So Lonely

    D4rk you don't strike me as the kind of guy who has ever been negative enough to know what self loathing and loneliness really is? I mean to say, does tinder actually make you feel better about real loneliness and self loathing? Honest questions, I know you are totally self made and have done incredible things with your skills. I am just asking if you've ever really had a relatable psyche to OP. (Slightly off topic!!)