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  1. Farewell Mm

    someone who was in this clan before you even started scaping you goat
  2. Farewell Mm

    wat im saying is the past 2 years its been the exact same people and yes it was atleast 5 years ago lol back when chuckles was making mage vids!
  3. Farewell Mm

    what happend to you MM you use to be cool bro now its the same people from the last time i checked in two years ago i remember when this place had so much traffic it was an amazing place. good bye MM
  4. Whats Funner

    reason this forum died
  5. Whats Funner

  6. Whats Funner

    i will be f2p forever and only play 30mins a day max and i have both of these accounts which would you use
  7. Thank You

    thats the problem friday at 2:40 i meet my girl and she dont go home till 11pm sunday night but weekdays i have time to play and too late haha were enagged and shes movin in in acouple months but dw if i lost her it wouldnt be the end for me i could party with my bros again going on 3 years in april btw
  8. Thank You

    over the past few weeks getting 99ranged/magic now str iv been asking alot of questions and i would like to say thank you for all the help you have given me helping me do my goals. im thinkin of joinin mm but im not sure im with my girlfriend all weekend but on weekdays i am on atleast 5 hours a day
  9. Do I Use

    ok ty guys
  10. Do I Use

    the 31,34 att/str prayers while banditing 89str ? how much faster exp and how much would it cost extra any1know
  11. Yo Come Check It Outtt

    should i use the att/str prayers?
  12. Yo Come Check It Outtt

    how much is 83 to 89str at bandits i got 52pray 1def how much with supersets/without supersets and how much exp an hour is it?
  13. Last Time Ever

    ty lol im guessing i should start carrying one in my inv with me for when i need it
  14. Last Time Ever

    what do you mean by neck what are necks lmao i havent pked for years so much new stuff
  15. Last Time Ever

    i will be asking a question here lol is range to d claw alot better then range to dds? iv asked a few people and heard some say claws some say dds for more specs