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  1. Give me a list of wildy things, I'll get them   Edit:
  2. At least cache is safe.
  3. Why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

    I was expecting her to take long island + the city. Ended with 45.3 to 54.7 in Hillary's favor here.
  4. Why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Gave Bernie my vote this morning. We'll see what happens.
  5. Anything with the 3310 tbh
  6. Ranked back into LE even though I'm terrible lol
  7. Got placed into mge after not playing for a number of months (valve adjusted ranks to push people down), but should be able to rank back up to le/lem if I played a bit.
  8. Learn some basic smokes/flashes and dm to learn angles. Everything else comes as you play more.
  9. So they finally decided to deflate the ranks then. Good thing I'm rusty as f**k
  10. Was bored

    Will probably mess with it for a bit
  11. Was bored

    Did a couple floors and everything came back, idk
  12. Was bored

      Not the same tho
  13. Was bored

      Dg is still fun. Too bad this game isn't.
  14. Call to Arms 29th of October

    Could do 1 account with high con for an altar/combat ring though. Give a few people access so it's always logged in.