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  1. MM statue

    Can we request that our statue goes in the middle between FOE  and whoever that is to the left of them?   Also must include pink hat   Edit: Also can we make it so our guy's stood on white, green and blue hats? 
  2. Omg Wtf Loool

    r is for rekt
  3. Malaysia Flight 370 Watch Topic

    It's hidden somewhere in a desert and will next been seen flying into the Maracana stadium in Brazil. Also the people are alive, they're being held hostage at the moment until the world cup comes around.
  4. Xp Blocking And Skill Resets

    But it's still eoc??
  5. What Do You Waste The Most Money On?

    Football bets, yeah they come in sometime. But I often do stupid bets at £10 a time.
  6. New Buys

    How many cocks did that gentleman have?
  7. New Buys

    Read the second to last one as 1,227 facts to blow your cocks off
  8. Nh Hybrid

    s**t user name mate
  9. Only Clan That Held A Candle To Mm

    Epidemic had us on the ropes for all of 6 weeks
  10. Helicopter d**k

    I seriously hope he had no trousers or boxers on and was swinging his dik around
  11. New Buys

  12. Post Your Current Opinion

    Has some of the most unfortunate tales involving girls
  13. Katy Perry Roar Contest

    I never thought the High School Musical film was an accurate representation of American schooling, until now...
  14. "based" Movement

    You'll be retweeting him soon