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  1. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    yea the manga for neverland is really really good too adaption so far seems really dope tate no yuusha super high budget not full metal saber level of animation but pretty damn good for a new typical run of the mill isekai show xd
  2. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    ya i take it back this season is actually okay just bc of mob psycho and shield hero potentially being good
  3. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    very very underwhelming season so far 
  4. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    i think tate no yuusha is dope 
  5. Oldschool grind

  6. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    definitely glad sao is running 52 eps and slime is 24 xd rarely get to see shows that last for more than 12-13 nowadays
  7. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    ya zombie land was a lowkey sleeper hit bunny girl really actually hit the feels thankfully there's gunna be a movie out in 2019 about makinohara shoko which is apparently gunna be even more feelsy according to LN readers and thankfully kaede's arc isnt over because she's gunna be the main character of volume 8 - the anime basically covered vol 1-5 and the movie will be all about shoko aka volumes 6-7 all hail bunny girl all hail slime new season looks like a yikes compared to fall sao on break until next week happy new years rtards
  8. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    merry xmas idiots bunny girl ended im sad at least sao and slime are gunna be going for a long *** time xddxd
  9. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    ya rikka is actually so hot 
  10. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    runescape is amazing 
  11. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    veddy veddy hypu
  12. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    ye slime is actually dope
  13. Hello anybody home??