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  1. Hey came back like 2-3 wks ago just been grinding all the new untradeables / mm2 etc and learning raids but wanting to start pking again soon , Idc multi or singles (prefer singles hybriding but Im down for w.e shenanigans) if any1 still plays and pks hmu hmu  122 combat    'ROBm' in game  , also always up to boss pretty much anywhere or raid too if u wanna make bonk    have a lil guy pure but no ancients or prayers      Also I got discord if any of u have a chill 1 I can join <3     
  2. any1 still play add me~~~~~~ lvl 104

    106 now fam , 126 in no time
  3. ded

    we all have lives now amiright ;) ;)
  4. any1 still play add me~~~~~~ lvl 104

    the f**k , i just got a pop up notification that i had a reply in my thread had technology gone too faR???
  5. im 104 mid n00b and just started playing again but have no1 to pk or boss with hit me up  'ROBm' in game down for anything except mvmvm 3ways cheers
  6. Will MM ever reopen

    MM is forever open in our memories
  7. MM Pk Trips Dead Man Mode Day 1

    i dc'd and got killed for like 20k and tilt quit lol , might try to join cc tommorow if you guys playin   
  8. if you still play add me

    you probably do if you type like that still 
  9. if you still play add me

      asked him to kill me and he stopped s******g when i was like 4hp so i thought he was trolling but he actually ran outa ammo /  so i punched him with retribution on , waste his food r i p 
  10. if you still play add me

    Hello furious, no i don't play rs3 no i am not gunna play deadman guess we won't add each other
  11. yo deleted my whole list , came back to rs last week add 'robm'      henry sorry for using retribution LOL thought you were trolling 
  12. Call to Arms 29th of October

    playing oldschool and actually enjoying it at the moment   not gunna bother wasting time on deadman though sounds pretty boring / it's going to die after a month or 2 probably - if i wanted fast xp rates to fight with very little gear id play a pserver? 
  13. I miss the pink , this skin is harder to navigate as well but oh well s**t happens r i p 
  14. how many worlds willthere be for this?
  15. Permanent F2P This Thursday

    i feel like this is a year too late