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  1. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    Better in sucking p***s
  2. I know this topic is over half a year old, but I felt the need to reply to this. No matter how rich you are, mental health problems are real and a disease. Money cannot cure mental health problems. Perhaps if you watch one of his last interviews, you might understand it better:    
  3. Congrats Boys

  4. PKING LIKE IT'S 2006 #2 (THE 2ND)

    In 2006 praying was nh.. Prays in every clip.
  5. Best Mm Memory?

    Good times, man! Nice to see you're still around!
  6. Going to Amsterdam

    We do, but it's easiest to get around by tram.
  7. Going to Amsterdam

    No problem, it's easy if you've studied in A'dam a couple of years! Nightlife during the week is good, a lot better than the weekend where everything is packed - and then it's also harder to get in with a big group, if it only exists out of guys. Rembrandtplein or Leidseplein is where you should go!   p.s. Clubs do close at 3-4am during the week. Pubs around 1am.
  8. Going to Amsterdam

    Other than the usual tourists (weed, prostitutes)  in A'dam..  - For going out, just go to Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein. There are plenty of clubs/pubs over there. If you want to get wasted, get your shots at Chupito's.  - Skylounge has the best view over Amsterdam. - Get food from a FEBO vending machine.(Google it)  - Have some poffertjes. - If you want the best dinner, Kantjil & de Tijger is the place to be. Indonesian rice table for 30 euro pp. Worth every single cent. Make sure you make a reservation or be there early (5pm). If you're into musea (random order): - Rijksmuseum - Rembrandtmuseum - Van Gogh museum - Anne Frank house - Sexmuseum - Body World If you feels like you've seen everything, Utrecht is definitely worth visiting. It's a LOT less touristy and the same feel with the canals. Enjoy your time man! Don't mix drugs and alcohol and end up like all those other tourists. If you have any questions, let me know. 
  9. #5

    Only came back to this forum yesterday after being gone for like 5 years. Seems like everything hits me right in the feels. I guess that happens when you spent all of your youth (and more) on RS.
  10. Best Mm Memory?

    The days of clearing west dragons with @Tom!. Also sometimes with @Entangly. @13th's rages over TS and @Speshls Own's dedication to lead many trips in my time. Clearing FOE and EOP never gets old either:        
  11. idk whats going on anymore

    Just wondering if you two hangout together (out of the house) or is it just sex sleepovers?  Anyway, I'm with Riggz. Back off a bit, do not get feelings. 
  12. lolwow i got hacked on runescape

    Visiting this forum again just to see people are still being stupid af.