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  1. Hi

    I miss runescape   ok bye
  2. Le Dung

  3. Ayyyy Lmao

  4. [Official] Dayz Standalone

    tis fun so far, i just hope they don't make too many changes and keep it focused on being a multiplayer zombie survival game, not a call of duty
  5. A Good f*****g Keyboard

    not having a numpad seems like an uncommon thing, guessing its a space issue? i know corsair and rosewill make some nice mechanical keyboards but quickly skimming though them, they all have numpads
  6. Jagex Well Of Goodwill

    i remember a time when they claimed in game currency had no real world money value
  7. Dota2 Open Beta Starts Today

    i thought i clicked on a topic announcing dota 2 open beta but it happened to be the same LoL vs dota pointless argument every other topic has
  8. The Division Tho

    love clancy, this game is going to be insane
  9. my top four are shooter, the first two underworlds, push, and jumper i love the transporter trilogy too but they get a bit more respect