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  1. [Offical] Heroes Of Newerth

    needs more attention
  2. Ice Giant Gate In The Wild Gone?

    posting in an epic tribute thread
  3. What's New?

    RS still sux
  4. [Offical] Heroes Of Newerth

    add me trolltom
  5. "flame" On Mm Forums Scammed Me.

    Awia is a cool guy, nothin but good business from him. No reason that scammers should be allowed on these boards.
  6. [Offical] Heroes Of Newerth

    How much did you play LoL? because playing at level 1 is obviously going to be easy if you have experience in mobas when playing against newcomers Game changes at 30 when you get full mastery trees and start to build up rune pages/champions
  7. [Official] Gta V

    Just hope its not disappointing.
  8. [Offical] Heroes Of Newerth

    LoL isnt a moba.. HoN is a direct rehash of dota with better graphics and new content
  9. [Offical] Heroes Of Newerth

    It's like Dota more than LoL. LoL is stupidly easy and for casuals.
  10. http://heroesofnewerth.com/ free to play. they add a new patch and new hero every friday pretty much. Newest hero:
  11. Ip

    depends if you have a dynamic or static IP
  12. David Blaine Street Magic

    Cool stuff but the annoying fabulous voice irks my nerves
  13. About Foocking Time

    s**y skiller