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  1. Trying Out Legacy

    Nice loot
  2. wagwan

  3. Fc

  4. 1St

  5. 1337

    not bad
  6. Is This Max With Msb?

  7. And 100K Clicks Later...

    big gz
  8. 80 Range :)!

  9. Im Ashamed

  10. Meh

  11. First Big 90

  12. I saw :( I looked you up, nice drops from barrows though! I might play a bit over half term (Starts tomorrow). I have still got 4 weeks left of placement though but after that I'll be back

    1. Ice'


      Yeh damn glitchy stuff, loots softened the blow. Good luck with rest of placement.

  13. when you gonna be back (got 3 def btw f**ksake)

  14. What Is Your Go-To Favorite Vodka Brand

    Not a fan but usually end up with smirnoff or something like tesco basic.