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  1. The Gold Digger Diaries I

    How'd the bitcoin investment end up working out for you?
  2. I also live in Austin and I'm graduating from UT in the spring... gonna miss the college life 
  3. Oomf

    bump  still puzzled by this guy
  4. The Gold Digger Diaries I

    silver coon wya
  5. Nignogs who still play lol

    This actually sound hilarious ya'll should vid it
  6. Question !

    nice hentai
  7. even though i like fnatic, im pretty happy for VP. They have some genuine players (notably taz and pasha)
  8. ~~~This is the official thread to bring back the old forum skin and banner picture.~~~ The drop in active users since the new forums have been released is staggering. I don't know the exact numbers but my research shows that it is close to 90%. The new forums are an eyesore and cause users to leave the forums immediately after entering. The old forums were visually pleasing and intuitive. The symbol of the Mayhem Makers has always been a pink cape and hat, yet these forums have no hint of pink in them. Atleast the old forums had those pink bubbles and folders. Lastly, the official Mayhem Makers banner has been lost; the same banner that would change every year to include snow on it. I remember refreshing the webpage for days just to witness the first snowfall of the year. This is a last ditch effort to keep the forums alive and flourishing. I am confident that if this request is not met, this forum will soon meet it's demise.  Please sign your username below to support this petition and bring back the old forums!
  9. remember when jax gave rsgp for summoning?

    atleast he won't be jerking it to hentai his whole life
  10. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    so whats the most popular hentai around here?
  11. d4rk_mayhem

    any idea how much time there was to abuse it? i feel like i would be doing that 24/7 until it got patched. it was what? 2 bil every 3 minutes?
  12. d4rk_mayhem

    I was watching some old bug abuse vids and saw d4rk's account that got banned from the dupe glitch at the end of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj2513zJkec How much did he end up making from this? Also how much time was there to sell the gp before the accounts were banned?
  13. I won't be playing for a while due to school and decided to turn my various skins from betting into a ft fire serpent. I'm hoping it'll keep going up in price b/c of the rarity but atleast it wont drop like my other skins would
  14. apping for mm