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  1. [Official] Hearthstone Thread

    You need to at least buy the xpansions which like $45 total i think (naxx + BRM)... and I'd say at least $20 in cards but realistically probly more like $100. I don't know the exact number but I'd say i'm in for like 500 or 600 since November. I'll pm you my battletag if your really gonna start playing. I dont play much anymore tho
  2. Best Forum Drama You Remember?

    thats pretty old school.. I think it was speed dem0n or somethign like that they scammed. There was also a guy named Sethalas everyone trusted for some reason that decided to scam a bunch of people, I think he scammed a party hat from a guy named sourpatchk1d The forums got hacked a few times I think the site said "mm drops dds" or something like that for a couple days. XbrazilX used to post a lot and always type in green. that always pissed me off Thats all I can think of Im sure a lot more happened. these forums used to be awesome buts its getting close to 10 years ago lol
  3. Selling Rfd(Mith) Kits & Dt Kits

    gonna need both dt and mith kit... i havnt had time to be on much hopefully ill get at ya tomorrow or Wednesday..my rsns Volcom
  4. Rs 2007 Needs Rares

    agree so much. the game will eventually be boring without rares.
  5. Die In A Fire Jagex

    it says on rs forums just wait and it will go through eventually not and to try twice... i totally tried twice tho ill email and complain about one of the charges later i just want it to go through lol
  6. Die In A Fire Jagex

    lol mines stuck at please wait too..did it ever load through for you?
  7. New Info Regarding Membership!

    Every one starts fresh with new accounts on the 07 scape servers though? that should gonna be awesome except that there will probably be more pures than mains