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  1. Nice

    knew ittt
  2. i have reqs with 60 cb m8
  3. Foe Closed Again

    l0l fi
  4. Who Was The Richest Person In Mm?

    d4rk and orXter
  5. Roy Keane's Book Omg

    saw some of the quotes lol
  6. Hai

    omg its park
  7. Worst Clan To Ever Exist?

  8. Songs That Remind You Of Mm

    roy jones jr yall musta 4got ll cool j time for war
  9. Worst Clan To Ever Exist?

  10. shoutout to the old f2p mini unit!

  11. Worst Clan To Ever Exist?

    going with eop first -remember the gwas at maze when we koed them on login down like 30 lmfao then it would have to be fi-pre eoc 80 vs 80 atleast 90% of us in monk robes vs 90% of them in addy and they still lose pathetic excuse of a clan lmfao oh and not to mention that fi lost a fullout vs FOE in f2p yes FOE who cannot f2p for s**t even though like all of fi are lvl 100s and they still lose lol s**t clans