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  1. @money In Ge

    some1 tell money in ge to get on forums to laugh at him during game
  2. @money In Ge

    Chile going down so hard on Saturday Chile barely beat Urugays and Peru 1 man up at home, shit team LOL 3-1 Argentina in final, lolol
  3. Cavaliers Vs Warriors

    warriors in 6
  4. Got Season 5 Leaks

  5. Cya M8

  6. Car Shopping

    lmao go for it... I have never bought RS gp...
  7. Car Shopping

    he shouldn't have been speeding in ice
  8. Car Shopping

    the fuk u on about m8
  9. Car Shopping

    I have an audi a4 and I love it
  10. Watches

    phones are what I use for time but my work environment is business casual and when I have to deal with customers or others a watch seems more professional I will take a look at amazon for this watch I want