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  1. Jonkoz Pk Vid

    meanwhile almost 3 years later, has anyone saved this vid for whatever reason? or has anyone a method to recover the vids if you ended your youtube account?
  2. At first I wanted to chill so i listened to deephouse music, but now everyone plays it.. f*****g hipster songs I hate it so much
  3. 2 beer, 1 vodka-cola n my name. I don't like to get drunk since my hangovers last too long.
  4. What's Your New Years Resolution?

    I don't really have any resolutions, just gonna keep doing what I'm doing right now since my schedule won't change. Anyways, I'm cutting out alcohol a lil bit more to once a month, instead of twice now.. and cut out the good stuff.
  5. Pinkchins V I J3R I Pur3

    j3r still playing runescape.. oh lawd.
  6. What Do You Waste The Most Money On?

    food, clothes, insurance :(, rent for dorm
  7. Cropped Jeans

    hipster pants are defenitly acceptable in the netherlands, see them much in summer.
  8. How Long Have You Been Here

    wasn't registered but since mid 2010 i think it was.
  9. 3 Bil Posts

  10. How Are You My Friends

    i remember dat 106 pure
  11. How To Quit Runescape

    well quitting rs wasn't that hard after all. If you waited till november 2012 :D
  12. I'm Really Bad, Will Anyone Duo With Me :(

    woops read it wrong :/ thought it was about rs dungeoneering lol hi saosin anyways.
  13. Christy Mack Offers A b*****b To Anyone...

    she's a 7, but wouldn't mind b*****g her. I fapped to her
  14. Palladio

    38K posts, I'm so happy to be a witness of this moment :cry: