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  1. Hanuman 1 Iteming

    Better than your scrub ***
  2. Hanuman 1 Iteming

    When the **** did I ever say I was joining foe you stupid s**t? Jesus christ... you asked me 3 times I didn't answer... Think before you speak.. Stop putting words in my mouth that I never said... Solo rubbed off on you well
  3. Hanuman 1 Iteming

    Well Jeff.. maybe eop were able to 1 item but I don't think MM has that low of standards sorry son
  4. Hanuman 1 Iteming

    Rushing with a d scim..? You're an idiot, I consider rushing to be with a dds or d claws... I don't rush my friend .. I mean if thats considered rushing and you can't tank it you must be bad
  5. Hanuman 1 Iteming

    pay me lil henry and i will make ur dreams come true
  6. Hanuman 1 Iteming

    In edge I decide to fight hanuman as a joke, well turns out he got mad... and started 1 iteming me not once but twice... don't know why but hey you gotta do what you gotta do... (00:17:34) <+Hanu> how is ur wilderness adventure going skype Jive was there to witness it... inb4wedontgive2shits.... but why 1 item me in the wild Hanu lol 1st time 2nd time
  7. Got A New Computer

    And a new feature sounding exactly like revis in ts!!!
  8. 2012 New Lure | Campfire Lure

  9. A Couple Kills And Why Maze Is A Funtcase

    Seems to me like this maze kid is an MM spy
  10. Gack Staging Kills

    Yes yes... good ol dolan hes a son of a fick!
  11. Blessing In Disguise!

    Just gonna wait and see what happends
  12. Quitting Rs :)

    See ya greg, I forgive for what you did, once I got to know you, you were a good guy GL with your future irl
  13. Epic Pk Lmfa0

    wtf share i was in ur world... nice doe
  14. What Kind Of Girls Are You Into?

    A girl with personality and is fun, 7/10 at lowest, doesn't give 2 mother f****n shits about what she eats (but maintains it well), girls who like sports :D haha, basically anything with a good personality/hawt <3
  15. Help Us On Ts Omfg

    yep the french guy got me cya guys </3