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  1. D U F I's Introduction.

    wasnt robyne the jmod?
  2. whats with euros and those gross ice cube window things
  3. hahahaha kill urself r****d
  4. Oldschool Ge

    Not yet. They are working on it though.
  5. Mains Of Mayhem

    ytpo confirmed main clan spastic
  6. Mains Of Mayhem

    if u join rot u are joining the main clan version of eop keep that in mind
  7. Israel

    You havent been paying very much attention to the media attention on israel lately then. Also, comparatively, every middle eastern country is a shithole by western standards. Syria and iraq have been in civil wars for years, Every country (minus the oil dictatorships and kuwait) is poor as s**t and have some of the lowest human rights standards in the world. Not to mention the sectarian tribal b******t that is 85% of the middle east. It's like people from Somalians complaining that the media only portrays their country in a bad light and that they miss all the great stuff about it. That would be a valid argument if the news was suppose to be some sort of travel guide or something but its not, they just report on the bad s**t that happens and the bad s**t tends to happen more often is 3rd world shitholes. Like, dude, the leader of iran is called the supreme fking leader and you are complaining how democratic western countries media portray your country. What do you expect?
  8. Leds On Computer Is Sleep Mode

    Use hibernation mode instead of sleep mode. It'll shut off the leds and you can resume considerably faster than you would if you powered down. The leds flash when harddrive is in use so unless you disconnect it from the mobo its going to flash in sleep mode.
  9. Israel

    Neither side is the "good" side by my standards but I find it super hard to find any sort of sympathy for countries like iran with the s**t their people in power say on a regular basis. When your political talking points are the ultimate destruction of israel you shouldnt be surprised that israel tends to be against things that could realistically lead to militaristic leverage. With the amount of israeli extinction wishing some of the arab powers talk about, I also cant really blame israel for being so quick to respond with force either. Complicated subject and the way you portrayed it in your OP doesnt give it any justice.
  10. Everyone Get In Here Jawn Alert

    100% thats a man ass
  11. Band Of Brothers Tv Series

    The pacific was good but just felt a lot less polished than band of brothers. Band of brothers was amazing. Definitely worth the marathon.
  12. last game i played with alb we lost like 3-16 and i was demoted so... yeah
  13. Hey Pals

    how the f**k did i not know this thread existed
  14. Just Finished My Military Training

    ayyy waddup
  15. Anyone Main Clanning?

    idk what that means but u are in the main version of eop lmfao