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  1. remember teewee?

    not as good as pre-eoc, but they are ok. NMZ bots are the only thing I would trust, but NMZ is pretty afk as it is
  2. Fantasy Football: GOAT LEAGUE 2018

    im in what site
  3. Whats up people

    Hi 13th, When are we reopening? I am on currently on standby and can be ready at a minutes notice.  Sincerely, 3njoi

    I said hey, what's goin on
  5. too good

    nah pubg
  6. Mature p***y

  7. Hi

  8. I Barranged I?

    never heard of her
  9. PKING LIKE IT'S 2006 #2 (THE 2ND)

    ur trash
  10. Rasmus is probably jackin off 10 times a day to the thought of a***h bangin his hot *** sister
  11. I Got My Heart Broke :*((

    Open ur ***
  12. cc

    WHat The f**k DID yoU jUSt f*****g SaY abOUT ME, yOu litTLE s**t? Ill HaVE YoU kNoW I GradUaTEd tOP Of My ClAsS IN ThE NAVY SEaLS, AND Ive bEen INVOLvED In nUMeROUs sECrET raiDs ON AL-QUaEdA, aNd I HAvE oVer 300 CONfIrMed kILlS. I Am tRaIneD iN GORIllA waRfAre AnD Im the tOp sniPer IN the EntIRe US aRMed FOrCes. YoU arE NoThING to ME BUT JUsT aNoTHER target. I wIll Wipe YoU ThE f**k OUt witH PrEcISIon THE Likes Of WHIch HAS NEvER BeEN sEeN BEfOre on This EarTh, MaRk MY f*****g WOrds. YOu THiNK yOU cAn gET away WitH SayInG thAt s**t To ME ovER The INTeRNet? Think aGAIN, f****r. AS We speak I aM COntAcTiNG my sEcrEt neTworK oF SpiES aCroSs tHE USA ANd YOUR IP IS bEINg TrAcED RIgHT Now So yOu bETTEr PreparE fOR ThE stORm, MaGgOT. THe STORM ThAt wIPes OuT THE PATHETIc LITtle ThiNg YOu cALL Your lifE. YOURe f*****g deaD, kID. I caN Be aNYwhERe, ANyTime, and I cAn kill yOU IN oVeR SEvEN HuNdrEd Ways, aND ThatS JUsT WITH MY BARe HAnDs. Not oNlY aM I eXTeNSiveLY TraINEd In UnaRMEd Combat, BuT I hAvE ACceSS to tHe EnTirE ARSENal of thE UNItED StATES MarINe CoRpS aNd I WilL UsE iT To ITS FuLl ExtEnT TO wIpE Your MiSeraBlE *** oFf THe fACe oF thE COnTinENT, You LiTtLE s**t. If OnlY YoU COULd haVe KNOwn whAT uNHOly ReTrIbUtion YOuR LItTLe cleVEr CommeNt Was ABout tO BRIng DowN upON YoU, maybe you WOuLD HaVE HELd YOuR f*****g TONGUe. But YoU cOuLdNt, yoU DidNT, and NOw YoUre paying tHe PRICe, YOu g*****n iDIOT. I wiLL s**t fUrY AlL Over YOU And YOu wiLl dRoWn IN iT. Youre f*****g dEAd, KiDDo.