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  1. Fi Is Going Down Tomorrow.

    ok m8
  2. happy birthday good guy

  3. Halp With Internet Priority, I Wanna K0 My Room Mate

    put it in rice
  4. All You Pc Freaks Can Stfu Now

    glorious keyboard and mouse master race
  5. Halp With Internet Priority, I Wanna K0 My Room Mate

    I like this idea.
  6. Looking For Rpg Shooter Game.

    Battlefield 3, but Origin is ******* bad.
  7. Battlefield 3

    rofl nobody plays on console
  8. Battlefield 3

    I have it, I bought the premium which came with all the DLC, I like Back to Karkand and Close Quarters. Conquest Assault is very fun if you can play with 64 people.
  9. About To Take Driving Test

    run don't people over*
  10. Wolf Spiders On My Wall! Halp

    drop a rock on it
  11. America, Land Of The Free

    holy s**t the holy sm0ke was on
  12. Happy Birthday

    good guy felix
  13. How To Transition Out Of Rs

    awesome guide 10/10