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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/RSDarkscape/comments/3mv359/give_us_feedback_potential_big_changes_to/   Yeah Jagex is r******d as f**k, but the amount of kids yelling at them to bring back Pre-EoC with their new darkscape s**t is hilarious. I typed up a big thread a while back and it hit the top post of all time on the subreddit, and they apparently had a meeting and these are thoughts being tossed around. They might actually create a decent combat system with these ideas.
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/jannamechanics So ya I've been chilling in Challenger for the past few months and by popular request decided to start streaming. If you wanna watch an Ex-MM player f*****g s**t up in high elo, I'm going to try and stream fairly often. Come troll and chill!
  3. Hey Guys

    How's life been?
  4. @@@@plague Of Pures@@@@@

    Are they gonna bait me and outsmart me?
  5. I tried, the guys didn't bother responding to me. They all have a major e******n for the tiering system.
  6. You know Jagex as well as I do. The second zealots becomes a common thing, it'll be changed to dropping coins on death.
  7. F2P will be nothing like before. It's just gravite spam now, there's no tactics or swapping, and you'll far out DPS what you can heal now.
  8. Imo the F2P builds would be better off with 1 prayer. Zealots is alright but if you use it, you'll be risking a decent chunk of tokens. Dying is fairly easy now, as you can't really out eat the damage you'll be taking. This is how strength contributes to damage (Warning: You will probably get an aneurysm from Jagex's stupidity) If you have 1 strength, you get a -25% damage reduction on whatever you're using. As you strength level approaches the level of the weapon you're using, that -25% approaches 0. Example: You are using a chaotic maul. At 80 attack, 80 strength, chaotic maul has a max hit of let's say 400. If you have 1 strength, you'll hit 300 with that chaotic maul. As your strength approaches 80, your max hit approaches 400. If you have any strength higher than 80, it does nothing.
  9. If you get 80 range, then you won't gain any combat levels from being 80 attack+strength. It used to be Range/Magic x 1.5 = Attack + Strength Now it's Range/Magic x 2 = Attack + Strength
  10. Just need the dung for it if you wanna be hard core, otherwise 50 is fine too. Also you can get 50 magic/range/attack/strength in a really short time if you multilog and attack another player in the duel arena with a full inventory of food, the xp rate is insane. Best thing to do is just be 50 attack and 1 everything else. Might have to SW some constitution but other than that easy as fk to make and abuse.
  11. Your accuracy and damage output are about 95% based on the weapon you choose to use. As a result, any levels you have that surpass the requirement of your weapon of choice is wasted, and you are at a disadvantage. So basically, anyone here planning on using their maxed pure to PK should just not log into the game. Your 99 Range, Magic, Strength, etc. have ruined your account, and you will instantly lose to anybody who is skirting tier lines/has some defence and is the same combat level as you. If you are interested in making a new pure/pking build that smashes everything in legacy, here's your options: F2P Max DPS Melee Build - Significantly lower combat than build #2, but slightly lower DPS and limited to melee. 50/55 Attack (Rune/Gravite 2h respectively, all you do is abuse it) 1 Strength 1-31 Prayer X defence (where X is the level of armor you plan on using, no higher) 1 Range 1 Magic Or, Max DPS Hybrid build - Most "OP" Build, should destroy anyone of a similar CB level, very similar DPS to someone with 99s. 50/55 Attack (Rune/Gravite 2h) 50/55 Strength (This must be set as the same as your attack level) 1-44 Prayer X Defence (where X is the level of armor you plan on using, no higher) 50/55 Range (MSB/Gravite, you must have this set at the same as your attack/strength) 50/55 Magic (Batwing/Gravite, you must set this at the same as your attack/strength) P2P Max DPS Melee Build - Significantly lower combat level, but lacks range/magic and slightly lower dps 80 Attack 1 Strength 1-52/95 Prayer X Defence (X is the level of armor you plan on using, no higher) <40 Range <40 Magic All you do is spam chaotic maul. Have AGS/DDS/D Mace/D long/some other spec wep, but only use that weapon for the special and nothing else. Whether this is with 1 def and monk robes or 50 def and rune armour+curses is up to you. Max DPS Hybrid Build - This is going to be the standard "OP" PvP build. 80 Attack 80 Strength 1-52/95 Prayer X Defence (X is the level of armor you plan on using, no higher) 80 Range 80 Magic Spam chaotic staff/maul/royal crossbow/zaryte bow. Have a spec wep (best are dark bow/AGS, dragon weapons can work too) Any levels beyond 80 increase your combat level for next to zero damage increase. This is how PvP works now. Yes it's f*****g stupid. Yes people have been complaining about it and telling Jagex that this is never going to work. Yes you will level up as you PK so your account slowly becomes useless. Enjoy Legacy M8s.
  12. Combat Beta Update May 9Th 2014

    I'm kinda over the "super obsessed 12 hrs a day" rs that a lot of us used to do, but spending 2 hours on a weekend having some fun warring (in a new environment) might be fun.