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  1. Have You Plebs Joined Any Osrs Clans?

    Not talking about just pure clans, any clans in general. I'm actually pretty sure I don't want to make another maxed out pure
  2. Hey everyone, Just got back into RS a couple weeks ago. Right now just skilling on a new account, can't really decide what to do with it yet. Any of you ex-MMers join a new clan in OSRS? Would love to slap some noobs around with you guys if any of you still play. Lemme know!
  3. Jurassic World

    Not even going to waste my money, but good to know
  4. Lil Guy Update

  5. 83 Ranged

    Yea, blow the s**t out of that pipe.
  6. Coast7 Introduction

    Oh so you think you're the big man on campus now huh?
  7. Looking For New Game To Play

    Hey guys, I hope all of your non-RS careers are going fantastically. Basically, I need a new game to play when I have some downtime, whether it be a study break or just kind of hanging around. Only criteria I'm looking for is that its free-to-play, has PvP, and isn't too easy to get addicted to (lol). I've already played a bunch of League of Legends, and loved it. But, I just get too absorbed with ranked, even though I'm only silver 3 haha. So if you guys can throw me some names I would really appreciate it :) P.S. And no, not World of Warcraft either
  8. 94 Magic

  9. This Bank

  10. Hi

  11. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    recently been running ad teemo top instead of ap teemo. f*****g wrecks if you play it right, especially against any bruiser. also have found him to have more of an impact late game over ap teemo, who only has mushrooms. just my 2 cents
  12. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    If anyone that knew me from MM wants to add me (haven't been on these forums in a while) my user is JDJX, level 30 silver 5 main top. I'm new but I'm pretty decent for only have been playing a month i think
  13. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    So since I've pretty much become done with runescape, I was looking around for a new online game and I thought I'd try this one. I had doubts at first but I am hooked and love this sht. Any other relatively new players out there? Looking for people to play with, excluding good people because I could be contagious as a noob :(
  14. College Scaping.. Lol

    I don't play at college. Too much to do
  15. Vanilla