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  1. Bad Word Filter Complaint Department Topic V3

    muslim=terrorist? LOL
  2. Scythe Better Be Worth It

    they're not tradeable so why would it be worth it lol
  3. Im Ashamed

    kick pims please
  4. Hi

  5. Sup Dawgs?!?!?!?

  6. Gtfi Here

    get on this s**t s0ns
  7. Gtfi Here

    never lose hope mate we can doooo this
  8. Gtfi Here

    read thread upvote the navy seals copypasta pls http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/1f9x5y/im_samuel_l_jackson_and_ill_record_a_video_of_me/ca8711bPLEASE
  9. S O N Training Range

    idk why kids are hating on him he has a fun acc to watch pk OT: I think that the xp per hour is decent but it's not worth it because it's pretty ******* expensive.
  10. Not Proper

    k cya mate good random gone too soon 2k13-2k13