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  1. rip d4rk

    2nd kill    :(
  2. DMM General

    train up guyzzz   we'll reck rot n cp
  3. Sup f**kers

  4. Help Fix the Clan Issue

    lmao this
  5. The End

    I hope you'll get through this man, don't give up
  6. dmm loot 12m

    sick!!! nice
  7. Deadman

    I've been playing deadmode for 1 day Died like 4 times.. The 4th time i was like fk thisss cba to thief again for cakes etc so i started spamming at v west dancing 4 cakes 2 minutes later there comes a guy , cb 80 missclicking someone in the bank, i instantly attack him and BAMMMM Going to camp white knights at falador for high range / def :D 2m bank atm not sure what to do :D   Where are all the legends at? share your cc xx current stats :/
  8. Pro at LoL? lolll

    What is CS? lol
  9. Pro at LoL? lolll

  10. Pro at LoL? lolll

    both chinese for me, i dunt understand
  11. A little achievement

  12. Pro at LoL? lolll

    dank? is it a cool word for tank?
  13. Best TV serie

    watch on your laptop lol? does it have to be an overpriced ipad :d dl popcorntime on your laptop   plzzzz watch it
  14. Forums potentially HACKED - NOT A JOKE THREAD

    >who pms their password on a forum?  
  15. Best TV serie

    computer? laptop ? You made bonk with rwt