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  1. everything must die at 1 point 
  2. straight outta boot camp
    crazy muthaf**ka named galito
    from the gang called USMC

  3. Toxic Slay Road To 99 Wc!

    ill give u 11m
  4. Furious' Elite Training Log

    yes sir
  5. Furious' Elite Training Log

    get up u son of a b***h cause mickey loves ya
  6. i dropped acid today

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Galito


      little strip of paper it was f*****g awesome best 7 hours of my life

    3. Plawpy


      i got some u gotta suck my d**k for it

    4. nate


      hell ya :))))

  7. i been a1 since day1 u niggas boo boo

  8. Hey

  9. I'm Back!

    lemme see that main pal
  10. joe rogan i smoke rocks

  11. Bow Down Idiots

    i agree with furious
  12. i was just tryna get a nutbust

    1. Blackman


      u mean nuttella

  13. Just Finished My Military Training

    congrats soldier! mos? Im shipping out oct 12 for usmc bootcamp mcrd sandiego son
  14. i want to murder furious