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  1. Yo.

    This is probably a long shot but a bunch of us still play OSRS, we have a solid unit of about 15-20 and was wondering if you get some free time would you consider making us a private script to train at Ankous like you used to have? I'm sure we'd all pitch in for your time making it of course.

    It'd be nice to have a private script with a low ban rate. Hope you're doing well.

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    2. Danny


      Apparently tinfoil todd has tried doing that but to no avail @Mantas


    3. Donvito


      let me access this script you f****n mashed potato idiot

    4. Danny


      get it working @Donvito and you can use it, okay?

  2. Def Resets Coming To Rs3

    This is great.. All the hilariously failed pures get a 2nd chance.
  3. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    I already dipped into the roommate pot. It was too tense to try to explore that. Lol and her best friend couldn't handle me and would end up trying to shove me out of the equation.
  4. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    Yeah, who knows. Not my problem to deal with anymore so they can do all they wish together.
  5. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    Thanks man. Appreciate your concern. Likewise.
  6. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    She broke up with me. From the beginning, she wasn't a relationship person. She's very introverted and independent. We tried a relationship and she just liked her time alone. We still love each other and we're going to stay friends. She just didn't like feeling obligated to one person. Completely understandable. I f*****g hate that her friend is going to think she won.. but if she ever tries to talk s**t to me I can just call her out on all the w***e adventures I learned about from my ex. I still have power, I just distance myself from the cancer.
  7. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    /thread Girlfriend and I broke up. We're better off just being friends so she can have a stable lifestyle. Love the girl to death but it's the best choice for both of us. Appreciate all the advice guys. Love y'all.
  8. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    Girlfriends 19 and her best friend is 24.
  9. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    I am too, but shes pleaded that I don't because she is not confrontational at all. And ^^^ will happen.
  10. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    Not attractive. Not interested.
  11. Advice On Dealing With Girlfriend's Best Friend

    I already f****d another one of the roommates before my girlfriend and no one found out until like 2 months ago.. It'd be pretty tense regarding f*****g other roommates if I happened to brought it up.. lol
  12. Little forewarning, yes this is a personal little advice thread. If you're gonna post, make it of quality. This post has good feedback to comment on. lol Alright so here's the story.. My girlfriend and I have been talking for around 9 months, dating for 7. She lives with 3 of her friends, one being her best friend. Before I came along, they were both inseparable, living it up together as best friends. Once I came into the picture, my girlfriend obviously started spending time with me. This somehow deeply hurt her best friend to the point of insanity. She gets upset if she doesn't sleep in the same bed as her at night. If I come over and my girl friend leaves the bed to hang out with me and we end up falling asleep or she just ends up in the living room, her best friend will give her hell the next morning. She gets upset because my girl friend 'hangs out too much' with me. Whenever she has off, she expects my girl friend to devote every living second of her time to her. I haven't hung out with her in around 2 weeks besides from a party a week ago because her best friend has been on 'staycation'. I'm obviously okay with not seeing her for so long because it really doesn't matter. And since she would end up going crazy and yelling at my girlfriend because she spent time with me, I'm just letting this all happen so my girlfriend doesn't get put in a rough spot. I love the girl and not seeing her for 2 weeks isn't going to make me leave or anything. But here's the kicker. There is a group of guys that used to be really close to their 'friend group' for the past years. There's 2 guys of importance. One is the guys my girlfriends best friend was crazy for. Second is my girlfriends friend, who secretly wanted to get with her. Every single time that their friend group hung out, her best friend would ensure that everyone got drunk, and would purposely leave my girlfriend with this guy. She had this master plan for getting them all to be f**k buddies and be happy together. My girlfriend resisted any and all of this guys drunk antics. But every time, she kept doing it and doing it. She even left her at his house and drove off with their other friend one night. She had to call her and yell at her to come back for her to come back. Her excuse was, 'I thought you wanted to stay'. This girl has managed to p**s off both me and my buddy, the boyfriend of another roommate in the apartment. She is a self-center, egotistical, b***h who will stop at nothing to get her way. This has been happening for 7 months. How attached can a girl possibly be to another girl, that's supposed to just be your best friend? I honestly think she is secretly l*****n and will die for my girlfriend. She likes to kiss other women.. lol Almost every time she gets drunk, I'm there, and there are other females there, she will kiss and/or make out with them. I need some outside feedback on this situation. How should I handle it? My girlfriend doesn't like confrontation so if I get all up in her face and point out all of her c**t-like qualities, she'll get upset because she'll have to deal with her. Almost every time we hang out, we end up mentioning how bad she is. She even starts it off. I just can't stand that this girl has this level of jealousy and attachment that exceeds mine's highest capabilities. It's f*****g ridiculous.
  13. Can't Get To Skype From My Task Bar

    Launch folder windows in a separate process. Windows Explorer > Organize > Folder and Search Options
  14. Bot

    Look how large it is.. ;)
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_injection