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  1. rune scape clan chat

    :( im so lonely on rs
  2. 94 mage

    add me ingame and pm me if you play runescape x peng x
  3. 94 mage

    why am i playing this game again    
  4. how do i get rank to join cc

  6. What Are You Listening To Atm?

      all USA hip hop heads check this out!!
  7. Now I've seen it all

    thats amazing
  8. What Are You Listening To Atm?

    fresh new calibre :) 
  9. hello

    how is everyone?
  10. Back In My Day We Had Rules Round Here

    haha hes back# now waiting for the don to return to lick your a**e clean
  11. What Are You Listening To Atm?

    fattest mix lenzman best liquid producer in the world atm
  12. Rich For 5 Mins

    why wouldnt you take that i value 250 dollars over an online runescape friendship lol
  13. [Official] Gta V

    haven't sat in front of the xbox for the 5 hours i've just done in a long time