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  1. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    awaiting lord mahatma's call
  2. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    how was the def pot?
  3. are there any MM discord channels open where I can idle and maybe talk s**t from time to time?

  4. Petition To Take Away Alb's Vet

    i want mine back
  5. So Brits

    Old news http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-28939089
  6. Swedes

    First article annoys me cause people are so uptight and afraid to come off as racists that they will do sh*t like this to prove that they are such good and tolerant people. Shop picture doesnt bother me for reasons 13th stated and its probably taken in one of our worst ghettos because i have never seen anything like it before except for when i drove through Rosengård just to see what it was like :lol:
  7. Get Rid Of The Banner

    why did it get removed in the first place?
  8. Tea Or Coffee

    Coffee unless i need to sleep
  9. Girl With A Boyfriend

    voted no out of own experiences and because her bf is nice guy. could hit n quit if her bf turns out to be a douche otherwise id just leave it be edit: what doc said
  10. n***a We Made It!

    nice progress babe get a fire cape nao (y)
  11. Kåldolmar Är Jattgott

    mums filibabba
  12. Crafts

  13. Your Favorite Mm Vid

    Dunno what the vid is but we camped vents and got rerushed by FI or foe like 5 times without banking and barely lost a member, was hilarious cus i was out of pray/arrows/food for the longest time but never died rolf. one of my fav f2p trips for sure some1 find me the vid plz?
  14. Yo

    >Have to be a filmmaker to think a movie is boring >Have to be an author to think a book is poorly written >Have to be a painter to think a painting is bad >Logic Just realize that your vids are generic and boring and that there are hundreds if not thousands of vids that are exactly the same. You include shitty clips where you do 3ways in 2 ticks and miss 15s in like every other clip, that is NOT what anybody wants to see in a pk vid in 2k14.