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  1. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    watching ptr lmao into the trash it goes
  2. 10 years later I still have the magic touch

    tele tabs??? dropped
  3. wtf ur still vegan? eat meat and respect your hunter gatherer ancestors plz
  4. helvete svartskalle, old new fnatic jag lever, tack god http://www.hltv.org/news/19798-fnatic-and-godsent-swap-two      
  5. Happy birthday me

  6. Instagram model sells herself for $$$

    media reporting her as """dutch""" multiculturalism pls go    
  7. Nignogs who still play lol

    i dont play but if you had to join a clan EOP CUH, although i warn you theres an overload of mexicans and pakis
  8. not sure how i feel about dis v2

    people still watched transformers after the 1st one a decade ago?   wtf i hate people now
  9. Assange Captured?

    hes alive ;)
  10. I got