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      i was just sitting outside poh portal and randomly 2 bss hit and gmaul specced a zerk WASNT EVEN SMITING AND GOT IT OMFGGGGGGGGG   bonus chat pics    
  2. Congrats Boys

    Lol i dont even think half the users there were around for MM, mostly pserver kids it seems
  3. Post your Pink Gains

    imagine being poor and uneducated in 2018 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Free Pims and Fear My K0

  5. santa left me a lil gift

    l0l i panicked ok i wouldve kmsed myself if i got dbowed
  6. santa left me a lil gift

    Didednt asked
  7. bnak was made tonight boys (elder maul not gmaul on ground)
  8. hey

  9. Waddup.

    grats s0nnie s0n s0n...and didnt know Aerdo was still around
  10. Pink Clan info

    hpc when??
  11. Best Mm Memory?

  12. https://youtu.be/2o0A47q8Lyw?t=5m39s