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  1. search and rescue

    if they swap back to how they were before forums will get active again tbh..................sad about that exploit or whatever
  2. wtf rly but he was such a koreaboo
  3. are u in px s0nnie?

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    2. Alb


      Hello friendo, why u in px s0n? U know people there?

    3. Biig Bear

      Biig Bear

      Something to do on weekends. 

    4. Alb


      Ya i feel you people were just confused because its kind of a random choice and we saw your acc last weekend :D

      Pink_clan fc for ex-mm btw s0nnie

  4. more active these past few weeks than i can recall since forum swap tbh
  5. Thank you based etcho

    how much does it cost to host 4ums/ts these days? mb ppl cud pitch in a lil?
  6. Thank you based etcho

  7. cc

    I think he just sniped it tbh
  8. cc

    One of my EOP friends took this name and was nice enuf 2 give it to me for free GOD BLESS MAHATMA
  9. i wish theyd add mm trees to 07 clw smfh

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    2. Alb


      STOP f*****g SNIPING ME YOU f***s

    3. iowna slave

      iowna slave

      dw m8it was just for that 1 killpic

    4. Danny


      this is what happens when you join shitty clans @Alb

  11. shoulda said hi s0n unless u didnt kno it was me