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  1. Post your Pink Gains

    imagine being poor and uneducated in 2018 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. bnak was made tonight boys (elder maul not gmaul on ground)
  3. Free Pims and Fear My K0

  4. santa left me a lil gift

    l0l i panicked ok i wouldve kmsed myself if i got dbowed
  5. santa left me a lil gift

    Didednt asked
  6. hey

  7. Waddup.

    grats s0nnie s0n s0n...and didnt know Aerdo was still around
  8. Pink Clan info

    hpc when??
  9. https://youtu.be/2o0A47q8Lyw?t=5m39s
  10. Best Mm Memory?

  11. MM clanchat: Pink_Clan

    @Danny @Henry @Furious RATtuses

  12. search and rescue

    if they swap back to how they were before forums will get active again tbh..................sad about that exploit or whatever
  13. wtf rly but he was such a koreaboo
  14. are u in px s0nnie?

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    2. Biig Bear

      Biig Bear

      Something to do on weekends. 

    3. Alb


      Ya i feel you people were just confused because its kind of a random choice and we saw your acc last weekend :D

      Pink_clan fc for ex-mm btw s0nnie

    4. big bootybae

      big bootybae


  15. more active these past few weeks than i can recall since forum swap tbh
  16. search and rescue

  17. Thank you based etcho

    how much does it cost to host 4ums/ts these days? mb ppl cud pitch in a lil?
  18. Thank you based etcho

  19. cc

    I think he just sniped it tbh
  20. cc

    One of my EOP friends took this name and was nice enuf 2 give it to me for free GOD BLESS MAHATMA