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  1. Also deleted 4bus's forum account for bsing him at a trip l0l idk if that counts as a strike
  2. Dear Furious

  3. Dear Furious

    wtf share
  4. Just Sayin

  5. This is why I still play lmaooo

  6. Dear Parm

    hey umm so u gonna pay me the 250m u owe me anytime soon or..
  7. too good

    don't see the appeal
  8. Happy 420 V2

    happy bday<3
  9. EOP Closes its doors

    For any of those that still play/clan and might be semi-interested. Long story short from the point i returned to RS late last winter, EOP has been super dominant in the wild much like MM was in early 2013 (not comparing EoP to MM, but you know what I mean, no competition). I don't think the game will ever really die, but i wonder how the  pure clanning community will proceed. Linking the topic below. The forum is so f****d that I can't directly hotlink it, so if you wanna view, paste it into your url and remove the spaces between eop - rs. eop - rs.org/topic/107551-the-end-of-an-era/   [    
  10. ya'll musta 4g0t

    k0 lilvirg aka s0n
  11. EOP Closes its doors

    EOP is actually the best wild clan in 07 overall by time spent #1 which shows how "good" the 07 scene is l0l
  12. Hi

    good m8 welcome back!
  13. EOP Closes its doors

    As of today the legacy clans remaining are FOE and IR. Also AAO is open and I think they were a legacy clan albeit irrelevant. But yeah basically 3 of like..10ish clans  
  14. EOP Closes its doors

    Also before anyone mentions it: yes I am aware April Fools is tomorrow but i'm 80% sure it is not an April Fools joke. I say so because many ranks have either gotten defense, considered joining other clans, revamped forums, and so forth. It could technically be an April Fools joke but it'd have to be quite elaborate.
  15. not sure about hte movie but man i hate when niggas talk in theaters ffs
  16. Keep The Forums Active

    son of dog
  17. ----

    da noobs r tease ed
  18.   went gdz for demons task some niggas got on me, then said that and let me go l0l   :D our clan still gets respect 4 years after closing
  19. Still Trying

    Respek, keep fightin the good fight m8. i mean they even moved our shitty lil plaque from edge bank to fking clw
  20. voi vittu perkele perkeleen LET ME IN FOOLS
  21. na logged out fast af l0l