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  1. Buying Dt Kit.

    Can't be bothered getting all the supplies needed. I'll pay uh, 30-40k? Idk the price range, if looking for more i'll do it.
  2. Share I Stun'd

    Impressive, Grats man.
  3. Addy Gloves Finally. Time For Rune

  4. Addy Gloves Finally. Time For Rune

    20 defence. I auto-casted 1-4 defence by accident being a complete d******k. So now i'm an init pure. I don't like mains or Rune Pures, 1-20 defence is always fun IMO.
  5. 102 Quest Points also. Getting 43 prayer, 50 fm 70 cook 53 thief 50 mage today, Completing DT/MM tomorrow, and then life is complete (: