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  1. To All Of Us Losers Who Still Play

    Xi T Range... dezcend is back b*****s
  2. Never Bully Anyone

    gg no rm RIP
  3. How Many World Wars Was There?

    nice grammar on title
  4. Osrs Slumping?

    sad face :(
  5. A Girl To Lose My Virginity To

    Guide to getting laid: http://www.vindicarlo.com/DiCarlo%20Escalation%20Ladder%20-%20vindicarlo.com.pdf I recommend all of you read that. I'm hoping some of you already know that s**t. Magica, right now,you're lacking the most important thing: confidence. Step your s**t up. If you want it, go get it. There's been a hundred times where I tried to get a number from a girl and I couldn't do it. I couldn't find the courage. The point is, if you want it, you need to motivate yourself and take a chance. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain my friend.
  6. What's This Pure Cup Stuff?

  7. Forums Are Back

    the songs that played everytime i visited the site made me laugh so hard
  8. Hi!

  9. The Friendzone Struggle

    Feel bad for that f*****g kid
  10. M4G1Ca And His Shitty Life

    my advice to you: quit runescape
  11. Chinning With 1 Pray

    lol tru dat sting
  12. Pooped My Pants In Public Outside Of A Night Club

    if you're actually choked to death, you s**t your pants when you die
  13. Pooped My Pants In Public Outside Of A Night Club

    only a runescaper