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  1. Whip it good

    thats me
  2. for the guys that are still playing rs

    clanless but join tlp
  3. Danny

    i dont understand how i was never considered, i even practiced with you guys a few matches in place of (henry?) as he was afk
  4. Furious

  5. Can You Take A Compliment?

    story of my life
  6. idk why but for me this game feels really awkward, not sure if its because its pc or what. edit: well put
  7. Mm Drop Dds And Gavin Ownz U Nut Beans

    ur brain dead
  8. Norad Tracks Santa

    why the us is #1 right here guys
  9. Ty

    almost 6k i have no idea how
  10. Bank Sale

    jives a fat kid from buffalo that loves cheese stuffed in his a**s while watching the bills bone eachother >pic related
  11. Mah Boy Kim Jong Uns Doin Work Again

    holy f*****g old
  12. Hey Etho

    kay nine