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  1. Still Trying

    we need 50 people to tweet this at him so he does it 
  2. Did my first 5k run ever

  3. Get Rid Of The Tsm Banner

    tsm suck
  4. im 540 paragon and im over doing bounties anyone know a bot that does bounties?
  5. Crumbzz

    Of course he knows who we are
  6. Trap 'em

    dam thats sad
  7. Elite Santa Hat Shooping Service

  8. Hey Guys Im New

    Henry is also a good listener so if you have any problems spam him with messages :)
  9. Died For Max Mage But Its Whatever

    why is kbd in the bank?
  10. Who Was The Richest Person In Mm?

    i had 7b but there were people with way more than that
  11. @ Everyone Who Plays D3

    i stoped playing it i didnt like the update
  12. Just A Thought

    yeh f**k that
  13. common joey chris got plat and im gold on euw catch up :P
  14. Memory Pictures Of Mm

    funny stuff :)