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  1. see dat beast level 61 Ol Hybrid I0 when i was a f2p range / 2h :lol:
  2. Your Favorite Mm Vid

    where the hood at? when eop were pulling huge opts and had their asses handed to them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpTW-IFfYog edit: shit... 8-9 years on this forums and still manage to forget how to embed a vid..
  3. Probably Deserves Its Own Topic

  4. 13Th

  5. Us Isps Are Horrible

    if u think u got it bad over there.. that's not as half as bad as it is here
  6. Time Is Of The Essence

    we've all had some pretty good memories here, it's normal to feel sad/ nostalgic/ reminiscence, etc rs is dead and i think everybody is well over it .. do like me and just be happy you were once part of the mayhem :king:
  7. How Long Have You Been Here

    found this on my mail, was a huge lurker before i made those:
  8. Polar Vortex

    its 10c (50f) here and im f*****g freezing..
  9. Old Forums?

    found my acc on z11 forums (gam3 b0y), logged in and i got this now i cant even log out or do anything, wtf?
  10. People That Are Currently Really Inactive/banned

    boosli still occasionally plays HoN
  11. Requesting Media Artists' Help

    so its my final year in college and i wanna help a friend who's making our grad t-shirts could some1 take one of these: ' and put a graduation cap on it? like this one: also if u have better pics/ideas please post them, thanks :)
  12. Requesting Media Artists' Help

    lmao epic xD
  13. Requesting Media Artists' Help

    hello back at ya (and bump) :lol:
  14. vertigooo whatsup man, i tried 07scape for a week when it came out but i just couldnt force myself into making a new account,also its my last year in college (mechanical engineering) so its a good time to finally quit, what about u? :D

  15. Sick To My Stomach

    I honestly feel sorry for the innocent people ... but i absolutely hate how the media treat it with hypocrisy
  16. Hey

    what happened to this http://www.mm-rs.org/forums/user/56-i-v1p3r-i/
  17. Who Run It?

    you know, you acting like you dont know
  18. Back For The 3Rd Time.

    welcome back. ur name sounds familiar try asking an admin to change ur password for you: http://www.mm-rs.org/forums/user/29622-99magelegend/
  19. Ice Cubes ^.^

    u got nothing on my lvl 3 magic :noob:
  20. Whale Hunting 2013

    b.. bu.. but i have a computer :(
  21. Anybody Else Run Into This?

    also lots of arrow stealers at hill giants
  22. What Are Your Short Term Goals?

    slooooowly getting 40 range and questing... currently 30 range with like 10 quest points and some other 30 non-cb skills... beast trainer i know xD