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  1. Was up my #1 fan

  2. Ex Machina

    mad max fury road  
  3. F2P Legacy

  4. F2P Legacy

    well its f2p now. how do you even remember this
  5. Yey

  6. Why Do People Hate Eoc So Much?

    legacy is gr8 m8
  7. F2P Legacy

  8. F2P Legacy

    so far i've maxed 520 with g2h
  9. F2P Legacy

    Back for 2 weeks
  10. Yo

    i never forget a k0
  11. wtf sort of classroom is this. looks like they're in a remedial class.
  12. Who Watches Community?

    It's all down hill from here man
  13. Well Then

    strength position in the bottom left. wat.
  14. Killer Clown Prank

    it's not even funny or well thought out. its just f*****g stupid. eventually they're just gonna get arrested or shot