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  1. Oldfag Says Hello

    Nice im still remembered as a downer , thanks guys :)
  2. Oldfag Says Hello

    Why? what have ive done
  3. No im asking how long it takes to make a semi decent pure from scratch. And earn like 10m gold. To buy pk supps and pk with the account ;)
  4. Anyone Interested In A Free Lv3 With Vet Cape?

    il take one :)
  5. Oldfag Says Hello

    Oh and i lurked on this forums since 07-06 , made an acc , still didnt post alot.)))()))
  6. Oldfag Says Hello

    Hello to everyone , is Angus still on this forums ? He used to hate me :)
  7. Oldfag Says Hello

    plz somebody give me money so i can start again ingame name:I X I O X
  8. Oldfag Says Hello

    plz some one gief me 1m then i will sing you a song on ts3.
  9. Oldfag Says Hello

    im a legend
  10. Oldfag Says Hello

    what have i done :((
  11. ? With like 80 str/range and 31 pray? And with like 10m to pk with. Im sure some of you know that:) ? thanks.