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  1. Dope Ass Song

    so much this
  2. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    yh im pretty vicious
  3. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hPU9Ru1ftw probs been posted but am new to this thread so dont hate if it has :D
  4. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    Awful item? It makes your next attack after an ability do 250% damage.. as riven you have 5 abilities(when you include the 3 broken wings activations) not including your ult.. you're pretty much constantly using abilities.. How is that even remotely awful? :S
  5. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    Lmao. I aint saying you're a bad Riven, frankly I didn't even look at the game scores.. calm down m8.. i'm just saying, if both teams had the same amount of support from jungler etc, Riven should win, if you had a terrible jungler.. so be it, it happens.. but your original post saying "I was supposed to beat GP with Riven" implied that GP is a better solo top than Riven, which he isn't.. stop taking such offence son!.. and yeah, i'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to solo top. also - trinity force.
  6. "american Football" Is Not A Sport

    why do you FREAKS care so much about sports you probably don't even play
  7. What Does Google Know About You?

    Beauty & Fitness - Fitness - Bodybuilding Games - Online Games - Massive Multiplayer i delete my cache regularly tho
  8. Sssaradormin - "disorder Of Silence" [Teaser]

    Brasil? gibe money please, i repot u huehuehuehuehuehuehue
  9. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    Solo top Xin, thick. solid. tight.
  10. "american Football" Is Not A Sport

    remember when bobby boucher turned up at half time and the mud dogs won the bourbon bowl?
  11. Grats My Overflow

    can i have special guest pls because i am special and my mum tells me im special and if u dontt think that im special well then ill knock ur teeth out
  12. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    yeah i've never bothered with those tbh, you get plenty of survivability from the build, might be worth it though, 20% attack speed isn't a huge amount