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  1. I wouldn't take it back either, I've learned a lot about myself through the game, had a lot of great memories. I think my favourite moment would be small teams pking with friends, that was always fun
  2. Hey it's Braap checking in on you s**y mothaf**kas. Would you take back all of the hours spent on this vidya? Andrew Gower is worth an esitmated $680 mill because he got a s**t load of kids addicted to a game called Runescape Also what are your fave moments from playin this game?
  3. smited an ags on soul split today
  4. Free Hot Unicorn On Unicorn Action

    hey party people. smited an ags on soul split today lol
  5. Free Hot Unicorn On Unicorn Action

    allo m8, hope all is well in zimbabwe
  6. Free Hot Unicorn On Unicorn Action

  7. Free Hot Unicorn On Unicorn Action

    Thanks Aerdo. 13th I wish I still had that legendary avatar, I've had like 2 diff computers and a couple re-formats since I made it. Since you guys cleaned up the forums I actually lost every rs picture i ever made lmao
  8. Free Hot Unicorn On Unicorn Action

    thanks for the answers man. Updating osrs any more than in minor ways is pretty stupid. Have they made major changes that people really don't like?
  9. Free Hot Unicorn On Unicorn Action

    What reasons do people not like old school rs?
  10. Yo guys. Dunno if anyone remembers me but I'm basically #1 forum guest of all time. ANYWAYS, I hopped back on 2007 Old School RS after 647 days and was not disappointed with what I've seen so far. I've got an account with 35 att, 35 str, 49 range and 49 mage (1 def, 1 pray), 400k in bank. Couple questions: Is 07RS still active? Is MM still active? What's MM's IRC chat channel? Is RS even fun anymore? Anyways Hope you guys are having a great holiday season and if not cheer the f**k up nerd.
  11. oi m8 im in ur sig remember my topic which was s**t hah ha aha ha

  12. Selling 531 B Bones 80 Ea

    damn, sold 400 for 78 ea lol... ah well, thanks for the heads up duder. for anyone else wondering i still have like 150 of em in the bank. will sell for 90 ea
  13. The Awkward Moment When

  14. 2007Scape

    so many stupid kids, just like normal. That's the main reason why I miss GE, hate dealing with kids buying/selling. also, I expect we will witness the same BS in the wild - pjers/prayer/safers/smack-talkers.