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  2. What's up guys? Old member trying to come back!

    welcome to the clan!@!!
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    is that u mom?
  4. money in GE

  5. lol just remembered you are a real person

  6. where did u go fgt

  7. im almost ready

    add me in game rsn: its a c i d 
  8. What the f**k are you talking about? Not saying it wouldn't suck by doing that but it is definitely a better alternative. And yea designated PK worlds don't work because only raggers go there while anyone that actually does something in the wild (quest, clue, resources, etc) just goes to a random dead world. Simply adding more s**t isn't going to do anything but f**k it up more with bots and such. It's not going to recover unless they make some type of r*****l change like instituting a small number of worlds with required risking etc. You're prob gonna argue with me and start s**t but suck my d**k nerd
  9. I never understood why they didn't just take the wild out of certain worlds. Like why the f**k don't they just add all of this s**t in 10-25 worlds and remove everything north of the ditch for other worlds?? There has always been activity in the wild it just gets so f*****g spread out across 100+ worlds or however many they have now... Especially at off peak hours.. JaGex is f*****g retards though they would never do something smart like this.
  10. Korrawi

    kid doesn't even lift